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Archuleta & Associates Investigative Services, a Division of Archuleta & Associates, Inc., was formally established by Robert Anthony Archuleta on August 6, 1983. He always had an insatiable interest for the art of investigations at an early age.  He found himself interested and drawn to such charismatic figures within the field such as the great Sherlock Holmes, James Rockford of “The Rockford Files”, “Simon & Simon” and the investigative report series such as 60 minutes.


Mr. Archuleta saw a need in the private sector for competent investigators that had the same level of interest in a case as the people involved. He applied and was granted a license as a Private Investigator.


Mr. Archuleta began to advance his formal education by attending a Masters Program. He soon came to the realization that he needed to know more about people than he did about the justice system or organizational development. He sought self help materials from the leaders in their field and has been extremely focused on making a difference.  His clients are empowered by his ability to know where they want to go and identify what it will take to get there.


Mr. Archuleta believes that his strongest attributes are his exceptional insight, uncanny instincts, his unequalled enthusiasm, his laser like focus on results and his endless energy.  As he puts it, “His job is to pile up the rocks, the attorney’s job is to pick out the proper ones and throw them.”


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